In Tune with the Tenant Market

As an extension of our residential mixed-use work, we have developed a unique role in managing Landlord scope and coordinating tenant improvement build-outs. We understand the local tenant market and know how to work with the core/shell team and retail brokers to incorporate scope that matches landlord lease-up requirements. We also make sure tenants have the information they need to complete their work and put the wheels in motion to drive toward a succesful opening.

recent projects include:

- TD Ameritrade, Downtown Seattle
- Caruccio’s, Mercer Island
- California Pizza Kitchen, Walnut Creek, CA
- TMobile, Lower Queen Anne Seattle (expo)
- Taylor ShellFish – Lower Queen Anne Seattle (expo)
- Agave Restaruant - Lower Queen Anne Seattle (expo)
- Core Power Yoga, Capitol Hill Seattle (joule)
- Upqua Bank – Capitol Hill Seattle (JOULE)
- Little Water Cantina – Eastlake Ave Seattle

ESSEX at Taylor 28

As a Project Manager for Essex at Taylor 28, WCG oversaw and coordinated the pre-construction thru closeout activities for three different tenants. Each Tenant was drastically different than the other and required different coordination needs between the Landlord and the Tenants. As the PM, we assisted in providing answers, direction, and monitored the buildout to ensure the Tenant’s construction activities aligned with the Lease Agreement.  We conducted job walks, participated in job meetings, and collected all the necessary closeout documents to ensure the LL had a complete package. 

Retail Tenants included:

- TeKu Tavern, 3,776 sf
- Woof Play and Stay, doggie day care, 3,635 sf
- Level float & spa, 1,484 sf