Building Remarkable Teams

Outside of the relentless pursuit of project success, you won’t find a standard agenda at Westlake Consulting Group. Our flexible and proactive approach to the building process keeps our clients dreaming big—confident in the team’s ability to accomplish great things. We take the time to understand your mission and make it our own, and then attack our work the same way you do, with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

  1. Project Pre-Planning

Setting the Stage for Success

  • Conduct feasibility studies 

  • Review and advise on lease language 

  • Establish and monitor client goals 

  • Develop preliminary schedule & budget 

  • Identify contracting methods best suited to project needs  

  • Create procurement plan 

  • Complete jurisdictional studies for land-use, zoning, and permit requirements  


2. Pre-Construction

Keeping You Three Steps Ahead

  • Select project team and negotiate contracts (architect, general contractor, engineers, subcontractors, consultants, etc.) 

  • Prepare estimate and schedule 

  • Manage design, entitlement, and permitting process  

  • Support design team, including constructability review 

  • Finalize and monitor project budget 

  • Coordinate major utilities 

  • Identify project-specific goals (re: sustainability, well, wired, etc.) 


3. Construction

in our element

  • Provide oversight and support throughout the construction process 

  • Create a fun and team-oriented project atmosphere 

  • Monitor budget and schedule 

  • Coordinate landlord and future tenant requirements (shell & core) 

  • Advise and provide timely recommendations on critical client decisions 

  • Monitor and advise on quality assurance and safety 

  • Develop project status reporting 

  • Monitor and advise on project controls 

  • Review and advise change management process  


4. Close out

the critical finishing touch

  • Support commissioning and validation  

  • Planning for equipment and furniture  

  • Move management 

  • Support punchlist activities  

  • Assist in transition to building operations