Building Remarkable Teams

Outside of the relentless pursuit of project success, you won’t find a standard agenda at Westlake Consulting Group. Our flexible and proactive approach to the building process keeps our clients dreaming big—confident in the team’s ability to accomplish great things. We take the time to understand your mission and make it our own, and then attack our work the same way you do, with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

  1. Project Pre-Planning

Setting the Stage for Success

  • Establish project goals and scope to align them with construction solutions

  • Research land-use, zoning, entitlements, and permit requirements

  • Manage the feasibility and due diligence processes

  • Identify space needs, for both current and future growth, and align with site selection

  • Establish the preliminary project budget and schedule, including timing for onboarding key team members  

  • Review and advise on leasing strategy  


In the early stages of project development, we work with the client to establish project goals and identify the appropriate, reliable tools to make these goals a reality. WCG provides leadership to project permitting and procurement strategies, as well as establishing processes to help the owner in making critical and timely decisions.

2. Pre-Construction

Keeping You Three Steps Ahead

  • Onboard key project team members and negotiate contracts

  • Refine project budget and schedule

  • Support the design, entitlement, and permitting processes

  • Preform constructability reviews and construction procurement analysis

  • Establish key decision milestones to maximize flexibility for client

  • Identify and coordinate major utility scopes of work

  • Ensure project-specific goals are aligned with the project team heading into construction.


During pre-construction, we ensure that the tools and systems established during pre-planning are implemented effectively. WCG provides guidance in selecting design and construction teams best suited for the project, while closely tracking the budget, critical decision dates, and permitting/entitlement status.

3. Construction

in our element

  • Manage overall project budget and schedule

  • Establish reporting requirements to meet client needs

  • Monitor budget and schedule 

  • Coordinate landlord and tenant requirements to ensure a smooth transition from shell & core to tenant improvement work. 

  • Facilitate the change management process

  • Monitor and advise on construction progress, safety, and quality assurance

  • Provide timely recommendations on critical client decisions to maintain schedule


During construction, WCG leverages our experience as builders to manage the construction process efficiently. We focus on optimizing the efforts of the design and construction teams, letting them do what they do best, while monitoring project progress to ensure all key stakeholders have the information they need to design and build the best product possible.

4. Close-out

the critical finishing touch

  • Support commissioning and validation program  

  • Planning for equipment and furniture

  • Move management 

  • Support punch list activities  

  • Assist in transition to building operations 


WCG takes a very active role in project close-out to ensure timely deliverables and a smooth transition to owner occupancy. Our abilities go beyond standard close-out processes and procedures. With extensive experience in commissioning and move management we ensure all parts of a new build, relocation, or tenant improvement have been thoughtfully examined and executed as you move into your new space.