Providing the Critical Finishing Touch

Project Closeout

We recognize Owners have other priorities in addition to our projects. For this reason, WCG takes a very active role in project close-out to ensure timely deliverables and a smooth transition to Owner occupancy. This extra support instills Owner confidence when taking control of the building and adds the finishing touch to a project well-executed.

Commissioning & Validation Support

Westlake Consulting Group (WCG) takes an early lead in support of the commissioning and validation. We start with design review and requirement development to make sure we are meeting the intent of the design and the Owners needs. We also begin testing equipment during construction to maximize efficiency at close-out. We believe that the Commissioning process is not just a series of tests, but an extensive Quality Control/Quality Assurance program that tracks installation, startup and operation of the most critical systems in the building.  

Equipment & Furniture Planning

The key to Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment (FFE) coordination is in early planning. This step is crucial to bringing a project online by the target date. From the beginning of furniture and equipment selection to the execution of the order, WCG utilizes our experience and a specific set of tools to coordinate the scheduling of the various vendors to a General Contractor’s completion schedule.

The example below is the Project Closeout Checklist for one of our Tenant Improvement Projects, Laird Norton.