Construction Project Management is Our Forte

Our management style is especially effective during the Construction Phase. Rather than inserting ourselves into the process, we focus on optimizing the efforts of the design and construction teams, letting them do what they do best, all while monitoring project correspondence and responding to additional direction from the Owner.

Our role includes general oversight and support of the construction process including monitoring of all communications (i.e. RFI’s, submittals, emails, etc.), attending all Owner / Architect / Contractor (OAC) meetings, and addressing issues in the field. We review, negotiate, and recommend for approval all pay applications and change orders. Finally, we push for timely and comprehensive close-out from the project team for all required deliverables and training.

This is an example of “Quality Assurance Log” for the residential hi-rise project we are working on in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Both Westlake Consulting Group and the contractor were looking for a way to capture, track, and communicate the various quality control issues on the project. The tool is reviewed in every weekly OAC meeting and the project team is diligent in the pursuit of eliminating line items as quickly as possible. 

Another tool that we have also adopted is the use of a cloud based Quality Control/Punch list system called Plan Grid.  This system is an iPad or Touch Screen PC based system that can operate efficiently via cellular network in the field. The system is a very simple tool that any project team member can use at any time on the project.  It syncs with a master data base and document site and any issues recorded will be assigned to team members.  Once the ‘assigned’ respondent corrects the issue or responds the item is closed and archived so that we can review the history later if needed. Along with location pins on drawings we have the ability to take photos, reference other documents, and create hyper-links. Below is a sample of a quality control question during a site walk on using Plan Grid.