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WCG has experience in a variety of health care projects. In all of our work, we approach the project with care and extreme attention to detail to ensure clear communication with department heads, facilities management, and on-site construction leadership. We understand the sensitivity of patient medical care and bring the same level of consideration to each of our health care, medical center, or hospital projects.

Recent Projects Include:

Swedish Medical Center Relocation & Department Build-out comprising the following-

- Central Sterilization Supply Department
- Central Sterilization Storage
- Ultrasound Department
- Nuclear Medicine Department
- Materials Service Center
- LaboratorY
- Dialysis
- Transfusion
- Finishing/Prep Kitchen

Swedish Medical Center Project

Recently, as a Project Manager for Swedish Medical Center, WCG provided leadership and construction management for the relocation and buildout of multiple departments, they include:

- Central Sterilization Supply Department – Two-story temporary building - structure
- Central Sterilization Storage, 927 sf
- Ultrasound Department, 2,045 sf
- Nuclear Medicine Department, 3,156
- Materials Service Center, 9,755 sf
- Laboratory, 6,449 sf
- Dialysis, 2,435 sf
- Transfusion, 2,609 sf
- Finishing/Prep Kitchen, 7,536 s