Keeping a Pulse on Life Science in Seattle


By supporting our amazing Life Science clients, WCG is honored to help contribute to the groundbreaking research and healthcare innovations occurring daily in the Pacific Northwest. Our experience includes projects in the fields of biology, chemistry, vivarium, and CGMP manufacturing, among others. We are proud to call companies like Juno Therapeutics, Adaptive Biotechnologies, and NanoString our clients—all leading institutions dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.   

During pre-construction we work with user groups and design teams to find cost effective solutions befitting of the scientific requirements. We support the team as they transition from the concept and design phase to construction. Finally, we assist with the commissioning and turnover of the space ensuring a seamless transition.  

Recent projects include:

- Juno therapeutics headquarters, south lake union
- nanostring Technologies, South Lake Union & Eastlake
- adaptive Biotechnologies, Eastlake
- silverback Therapeutics, South Lake Union
- faraday Pharmaceuticals, Eastlake
- nohla Therapeutics, Eastlake


Silverback THERAPEUTICS - south lake union

NANOSTRING TECHNOLOGIES - South Lake Union and Eastlake